Tilt and Telescopic steering motor mount ideas

Wondering if anyone can post some pics of their mounting ideas on telescopic and tilt steering. I have a JD 6115D with a fairly short telescopic and tilt console. Next to no space and very tight. Left hand reverser plastic box is the only part that travels in all directions with the steering wheel. Curious what others have done.

I am using @PotatoFarmer’s gear and quick tach setup

Here is my console, rubber boot on tilt. image|690x459

i adapt the system @PotatoFarmer to my JD6600 with a metal mount but maybe can you print the same as me for my IH 845

Special thanks to you @PotatoFarmer

Have a good day Michel


I like those! They look good!

could you send other photo when it is disassembled

Mix and match i love it!

The herring bone gears were @Math idea.

I just thought it would be easier with zipties. If nasa trusts them to hold pieces on the mars rover they are good enough for me.

Keep posting all the different install pics, its great to see all the different ways people get the motor attached to the steering column.

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I got into it tonight and didn’t take much for pics. Ended up getting it mounted, just need to polish it up a bit.

it looks you can fix here image

just as idea

on jd6000 6010 6020 6030 or M i create this bracket on steering that after i can fix the mecanism it looks like your steering …

or as alternative you can get only autosteer on lower position and you disengaged by pulling the steering wheel… ( i do that for claas combine steering work only in lower position, not easy to see on the video


Yeh I wanted to try get it in all positions. Think i got it, ill post pics tomorrow.

The green part telecopes in and out, the purple stays fixed, plus the whole unit tilts. Added that collar hidden in left hand reverser box, seems like it works so far, but havent powered the box yet.

ok so no choice to attach to the plastic box

Be carefull about if the key is enouth strong and less play

Try to use the bigger gear ratio to reduce the Torque on plastic parts …

could you tell us the model of this jd tractor ?

and basic question where is the orbitrol not possible to drive directly ?


Fusion 360 is great software. I hope everyone is aware that there is a free hobbyist level licence to use it.

But it takes some practice to draw like @Vili

Youtube it’s your friend for this :wink: :blush:, i started with SolidWorks, and now i use Fusion, some years a go i used 3ds Max and Maya

John Deere 6115D

Got some pics this morning, just need to take it off and touch up some welds and grind down the corners, but seems to work well. Full use of both the tilt and telescope still too!


i don’t know witch one wood you see more…
in first time i must thanks you for the clutch of motor it’s wonderful.
For the IH 845 i have print support to fix it to steering column

infortunaly i don’t have pictures before mounting into JD i realise this with metal i will take some pictures of it tomorrow
The gear of steering weel


Sorry my fingers are so fat…
I said the gears of steering wheel are made with PETG and motor gears are print with PLU (modification of motor axe for diameter)
I use motors in 12v from KATODO italy (E 192.12.13) i will test them in few days after mounting wheel angle sensor on witch rover but i must work some fields before…

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good job wonderful


can you share your PWM setting?

it can make interest for @PotatoFarmer for this 300RPM 20 W motor

I don’t have PWM setting at last i will try this after mounting was don’t worry i will share

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I have the next lower speed phidgets to try in a swather as one turn is 180degrees.

But it most likely will need @bricbric clutch, its very resistive to turning.