Tilt and Telescopic steering motor mount ideas

I 'm so sorry to answer you so late…
support moteur 845.zip (266,2 Ko)

I note one thing that the high temperatures on last days cause warping on the universal clutch i had print with black PLA.
Now i try to print them with PTEG.

I hope my answer is not too late

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Thank you.
My plans changed as I will not be able to put that bracket around where steering wheel turns because of increased resistance and load on motor.

I am currently looking for options to mount my motor. I have more than one tractor to mount just like this. Any ideas?

This below is not stable enough and the zip tie to support it causes resistance.

i see on the second picture a mistake of alignment between the two gears they must be perfectly align
the fixation of your motor is too far that make flexibility.
I have a question

Does this colonn rotate or no?
If only the steering wheel rotate you can fix the motor with the piece i send you the STL maybe you will have to modifie diameter to fix them fermely.
I hope i was clear.

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you cannot put a bearing ? on the colonne to attach the motor bracket and just make a finger to avoid rotation ?

Yes the column you pointed to rotates with whole steering wheel. That diameter is 1.5 inches. I modified your file and tried to think of ways to use it so it would slide freely. I think a bearing would be tough to do, sill learning fusion.

Is there any examples of a bearing being used someone can link here? I looked and can not find a steering wheel setup like this one I have.

Have a look in the steering mount file picture thread in the new holland section and you’ll see what i done. Basically used a wide pipe clamp and fixed that to a non moving part then got some flat plat shaped to fit the clamp, this might then get you away from the steering wheel a bit and give you a few more possibilities
This is the picture i found that inspired me

Thanks. Got me thinking. Since mine tilts and telescopes, and the center moves with steering wheel, would a bearing pillow block be sturdy enough to work? I would have to spacer it with washers away from steering wheel if I did.

why not to do some thing like this with half spacer and bigger bearing


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I like the idea, did you draw that in fusion? I would need the split spacer to go around 1.5” shaft. What I’m thinking is I would need 2 bearing sets maybe to support the weight of the motor and to stabilize due to bearing width being narrow. I have a 62082rs which is 40mm id, 80mm od, 18mm width.


something like this

and the files
volant.zip (22,8 Ko)

sorry i draw in SW

I like the idea, how would the piece clamp around the bearing. So it can not move.

after as original request is to be more stong according gear connexion for me itis enouth and you need an other point to have anti rotation mecanism

And as other idea we can do it bigger with 2 bearing and just a finger to avoid rotation

some thing like this taht we can fix with 5 screw M3
volant V2.zip (49,1 Ko)