(Variable) Rate control

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@whiterose did you supply the Polmac flowmeter with 5v or 12v?

I’d assumed I would need an Optoisolator, but you suggest this didn’t work for you?

On an RC11 PCB why when I come to a stop on a treated area do all the relays turn on?

Been fiddling with settings trying to work out what I need to change?

First, I used a voltage divider resistor to avoid damaging the microprocessor inputs, but Polmac did not count the pulses of the flowmeter, then I removed the voltage divider and fed Polmac with 12 VDC, it is working now, there is no problem, but when I used the ARAG flowmeter, I fed ARAG with 5 VDC. .

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In testing I noticed it did that when I updated networks. I pushed the blue upload button at the bottom in network settings and this turned off all the relays. I am still working on getting this hooked up to my sprayer.

What enclosure box did you use? I’m looking for a stl file that will fit the rc11

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For a box, I’m just going to order the closest size plastic enclosure and cut a hole for Ampseal socket and Ethernet cable.

Wiring into sprayer flow and pressure up/down tomorrow, I’m still confused about the flowmeter signal voltage.

Teensy pins can only tolerate 3.3v, so assume there must be some level shifting/resistors on PCB to accept 5v, but most OEM flowmeters seem to run off 12v.

ok. I am planning on using with a raven flow meter 063-0159-571
I hope it will work for me as specs state it should:


So looking at the schematic, the RC11 has an optocoupler on the Flow inputs;

So in this circuit, the ’ Flowpin1’ connects to a Teensy input pin.

‘Sensor1’ is the signal wire from the sprayers flowmeter.

So I think a high signal pulse of any voltage will work as long as the low pulse is ground.

It might. I never used it like that. I just used it like a magnetic switch, when there was a pulse the circuit to ground was connected.

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Yes I think I was trying to explain the same thing.

The teensy records when the sensor output is at ground, so the output voltage of the flow sensor when not at ground is not important as this current cannot get pass the diode in the opto coupler.

Reading through previous posts there is talk of fitting opto couplers, voltage dividers, resistors etc to the flow signal, but there’s the PC817 optocoupler already on the PCB, so as @whiterose has found a 12v sensor (or other voltage) will work as is.

I hadn’t setup the Pins on the Teensy, or if they were preset I over wrote them.

Set them back as per initial settings and it’s working brilliantly, very smooth :sunglasses:

On ethernet?

Has anyone found a good flow control regulator to use, 1" preferably? Most are butterfly and are 400$ and up.

Id like to control a sprayer with 5 sections with reverse polarity valves and a seperate valve for rate control with a flowmeter. Id like to have variable rate control and section control, but also manual section control override (and feedback to AOG with applied area). Ethernet would be great. Can someone point me in the right direction which pcb to use?

Hammond enclosure arrived today, just going to use a Dremmel to cut a hole for the Ampseal socket;

1455 series 160mm x 160mm x52mm

Can you post a pic of your calibration settings for the meter?

I’m trying to fine tune my raven meter.

I would just start with the default values and go from there. On the control page use the up arrow to load defaults. If it over-reacts lower the P value to 0.1 or 0.01.

Got it mounted on sprayer, the distance is maybe 10ft, cuts out on wifi as too far for it. I debated to solder a wire to the esp for antenna. But I just got a long Ethernet cord.

Would I put the meter cal on the tag of the meter in the meter cal box or is this a different value for RC? I did load defaults. The control valve doesn’t move unless I manually push it. I’ve tried in auto too, sections cut off though.

The pcb mounted antenna is not very good. Is there any info on the tag meter cal? RC needs counts/unit that you are using. Sections in auto would cut off if you are not moving.

749 is default, I have another raven 440 with 690 in it and is pretty close.