Wheel Angle Sensor Installation Examples - Lots of Pictures

I have collected many images from various Telegram groups of wheel angle installations. I’ve noticed that new users (myself included) land here in the discourse and struggle to find good pictures (wiped during the server move).

There’s about every possible orientation here. Top of kingpin, bottom of kingpin, inside the kingpin, measuring cylinders directly with linear sensors, draglink to knuckle, MFWD, 2 wheel drive, etc. Delphi, RQH, Danfoss, Princess Auto, a basic potentiometer, etc. Hopefully it will give you some ideas for your own build.

There’s a little bit of everything here as far as build quality goes, from wooden arms to machined kingpins. We have installs using factory holes, hose clamps, zipties, and installs using new holes, things welded to things, and machining.

I can’t answer any questions about these because all I did is save and re-post.

I do not have express permission to post these pictures from anyone. I assume that being posted to a public group with the intention of furthering AgOpenGPS means no one will be bothered by having their picture shared here. If I have posted your picture and you want it taken down, please message me.

I hope others can share their pictures as well.

I hope its ok to post this many pictures. I’m not really sure who hosts the server.




Thanks to share and all this collect

i dont recommand this kind assembly : the cylinder can rotate and you lose position and you can brake the sensor
after the pivot of cylinder it is more stable

i add some photo and video for other idea


My was is there too!! Good job


New Holland Combine


New Holland T5 - Should fit the CaseIH Farmall Series too


Mocked up a RQH100030 on a Claas Arion, seems to work well.

Used the Claas bracket to attach to the Carraro IFS axle, mounted this way the IFS doesn’t affect sensor.

Just waiting for a clamp to replace the temporary cable ties!

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Would anyone have more pictures or suggestions for a 4wd tractor? I’m having trouble picking out the photos and the large movement distance on the Center pivot seems like a lot.

A linear sensor might be best for pivots with a lot of travel

My instalation, indistructible :grin:

I jumped on it with my 110kg :joy:


I hope crossposting is okay:

we installed the WAS in this way, because our Case 895xl has a very short turning circle and therefore a gigantic wheel deflection, we solved it in no time, we can play with various mounting options, but this one works best

A linear displacement sensor availible on ebay for £40
Comes in various lengths to suit different length cylinders
how i did my mf7480


Its not good , linear is not for pistons with axial joint, becouse it turns over the time.

I’ll keep an eye on it,ive never noticed it turning before

Just attach it to the part that has the thread. That should never rotate.

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It is bolted to the chrome

Do you have any type number of this sensor?
I have a MF3050 where the cylinder can’t turn, so I’m planning to this route.
Have a displacement of ~260mm

this is who/what i used
Linear displacement sensor transducer position sensor scale 50-400mm | eBay
measure the length of your cylinder and buy the next size up is what i did

make sure there’s enough room over/around the cylinder to mount it, sensor body is approx.40mm square but theres nothing stopping you mounting it to the axle

CNH / New Holland T7.165 / CASE IH Puma 160 tractors:

Mounting WAS Honeywell RTY090 in the kingpin on a Valtra N92 mod 2011.

3d print from here: fichiers_stl [aogwiki]