AGIO "Machine" COM Port - what parameters of serial data?

Hello Im begginer of AgOpenGPS. What I need is only use "Machine" port to operate relays to switch section ON/OFF. At this video I see the MODBUS is used. Ive tryied to decode serial data from that com port. I`m not to sure what speed and what parameters of this “Machine” COM should I use?
I have DC 12V 8 Kanal RS485 Relais Modul Modbus RTU UART Fernbedienung Schalter DIN35 C45 Schiene Box für PLC PTZ Kamera Sicherheit Monito|Relais| - AliExpress and it is not working.
Many thanks for any advise.

agopengps is not implmented for modbus

i think you need a converter between computer and modbus

you need to use ans other version dedicated and describe here

that refer to this link

try to contact @GoRoNb that he do the job

or do as describe in “support file” with a nano and relay board…

Ok, if it is not MODBUS than what type of serial data I get when I make connection via “Machine” COM? Can you tell me what is parameters of that data, speed and type of interface?

You will need a usb to 485 adapter, and @GoRoNb version of agio.

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