AIO v4.5 update released

Thanks for the reply. No idea why, since I did everything the same, but it all worked for me tonight. Soon to be part of the gang. Thanks for all the help.

How did you get your micro f9 chip programmed? Mine finally arrived and came with xbee USB adapter. I can’t get it to connect in agconfigomatic so that I can program it

Make sure your USB cable is power+data, and not power-only. Also, when Teensy is plugged in, press the white button on it.

The Xbee adapter from Ardusimple does not work, you need @WildBuckwheat adapter. If in UK I have spare I can pop in post for you.

Otherwise use the USB socket on the PCB, be careful they’re easily broken.

I achieved this with AOGConfigOmatic and the adapter. Make sure you have the correct cable.
I didn’t succeed on the first try.
Too bad the f9p is longer and covers the micro usb.

That is not a F9P Micro. It looks like an RTK2B-Lite. It is larger as you found out and it has a different pin-out than the Micro.



Thanks For the offer but I’m in the U.S. so not so simple. I’ll have to try with a different cable and then if that doesn’t work I’ll have to see where I could by the adapter you are talking about.

So is the correct board to order the micro board? It is so hard to find which exact components are recommended that I get pretty confused.

SimpleRTK2B Micro is for the board in your picture.

SimpleRTK2B Lite can work in a single antenna configuration. The power, ground and GPS data output pins are in the same place as the SimpleRTK2B Micro. However, the LEDS and the USB port on the PCB won’t work.

Thank you for clarifying that. I just looked at what other people had on their boards and ended up ordering the lite board. I will definitely use the Micro on other boards. I was able to get the Zed-F9P lite board programmed and functioning but I had to do all of the configuration through ublox u-center. Ag configomatic would not connect to it with the Xbee usb adapter that came with the zed-f9 lite. I first downgraded the firmware to 1.13 and then used the zed-f9 rover configuration file to get it configured properly. With this project I seem to have a knack for getting the wrong parts, learning how to do it wrong first before doing it right, and then finally figuring it out after reaching out. Thanks everyone for the help. This article helps walk you through how to program the zed-f9 without ag configo matic. If anyone is in the same boat as me. F9P firmware update and config files - Operations/Getting Started / How to - AgOpenGPS

How to wire a case tractor pressure sensor to this PCB?
Pin 1 and 4 for power and 10 for signal?

Has anyone received this error?

That isn’t a problem, it just means that the same part is used on multiple places on the board.

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I have assembled the aio v4,5 board.
Juste one question left:

Do I have to solder a wire between the 2 holes to use a 12v motor? Traces are touching each other.
I supply 12v on pin 18

If no, for a 24v motor do I have to cut the trace and supply 24v from pin 18 ?


If you are supplying either 12 or 24 volts to pin 18 no need to solder that. That it used if you want to power the motor directly from the 12 volt board power. Supplying the motor from pin 18 like you were planning is a better idea either way.

When you get the board there is no continuity between those two holes.

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Oke, and if I want to use a 24v converter, + 24v output in pin 18, and where do i fit the - 24v output? Or did I not need the - 24v output and can cytron just stay connected to the - of the 12v battery on the board?


No need to do anything with the -24v. As you say it grounds through the board.

Hello, @m_elias, I want to order my v4.5 std PCB, but the mosfet is missing:
IRF5305PBF, and the JLCPCB is suggesting:
IRF5305PBF-VB, can it be used without problems?
The heatsink for the mosfet is also missing, is there a replacement on the website?
And on the PCB part, do I leave everything default, or do I have to select something different?

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I’m a little confused as to where to stick the 12-24v convertor in this setup. Are you saying I should have it in my system like this?

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That is exactly how the 12->24v converter should go