All in One PCB

12V connected? As in my thread, I got same until 12V.

I don’t have 12v connected yet. On my Panda board it works ok with same components but I guess I will have to power 12v to see.

Same - with my panda, I had zero components on the board except Teensy, BNO and F9P and it worked fine over USB. No chance with new Micro tho.

Top is MC7805 which powers the ADS1115 circuit for wheel angle sensor
Next down is K7805 which powers the Teensy
Bottom is the K7803 which powers the Micros

The micro will not power through USB, it must have the 12v input power to energize the K7803.
After you have the Micro powered, then connect the USB cable. If you don’t get a port, you may need to reflow the solder on the 5 pins under the middle of the USB port. JLC has had some trouble getting those soldered completely.

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If I am going to use Barakis hydraulic valve through Cytron, do I need to solder 12v here?

I would assume it uses 12V but I don’t know that for sure. Have you already used the valve with a different PCB?

So you are in same boat as Andyinv, so follow his link some posts above

is there someone who will order the board with soldered components with ampseal and standard f9p ?
ordering more than one would be cheaper and i like to have one to
i make the setup with all separated components with wires and it is to messy with to many problems
now i like to have it on one board to reduce (i hope) problems

Where are you located? I have some extras in Canada. Send me a PM.

i’m from belgium europe to fare ? ups will run far

I only have micro ampseal with micro f9p.

i have 2 times standard f9p witch i use already one in curent set up

For people wanting to order these PCB you should keep in mind that these boards are still in testing and there could be some glitch for some functionalities.
As more people are using it there probably will be some updates

If your are not in a hurry or you don’t want to be an “early tester” :wink: it’s probably better to wait a little
Just my opinion


I have ordered 5 standard/ampseal pcb’s. Am only using two of them now. Anyone interested in a PCB can pm me for details. Shipping from the Netherlands, available now.

Well said Pat. Thank you

We have found a few small issues with the boards so far. I think all of them will be a fairly simple fix.
So far:
Traces are a little light for some steering motors… Updating now
The standard board doesn’t have 3.3v from Teensy to ads1115… Fixed
The traces from pwm2 to the cytron have a bug… Updating now.

There are modifications tha can be made to correct these problems if you have already ordered your boards.
We will get all of the repairs made and any new ones that show up and make a V2.5 release.

Thanks for all of the feedback. Please continue to report any issues.


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Is it ok to mount this pcb vertically so that arrow on the case is pointing down? Previously I had CMPS14 and I used it ok mounted like that but now I have BNO085.


@steyrfons please send info true on my name and press message

Arrow need pointing forward, but you can edit code and use pitch for roll

//Swap BNO08x roll & pitch?
const bool swapRollPitch = false;

Set to true, line 44 in Autosteer_GPS_teensy_v5_5.ino