All in One PCB

Any ideas why I have 12v to ground as well as 12v to the teensy and micro headers?

Justin 8366,

What an amazing job on that board! Can you tell where the 2 wires going out the back are going to? Thanks!

Hey do you use the 24 volts in right behind the 5v voltage regulators for anything?

I don’t know what 12v to GND mean but 12V to teensy or micro typically mean inverted regulators

I had 12 volts between the ground on my power supply, and ground on the PCB. I found the problem! Pin 23 (which was connected to ground on my power supply) was not fully pushed into the ampseal connector.

That is the 24v input from the step up converter. If you go back to my posts from yesterday I talk about what I planned to do with it. I’m trying find a decent bulkhead connector that will fit. The one I have model doesn’t have quite enough room with dual gps.

Does this wiring diagram still apply to the AIO board? if yes where do we hook the current sensor to? Blue signal wire to A0, but where would be the best to get 5V and ground? or by chance do I not need the current sensor just the mod to the cytron?


Current sensor is mounted on the AIO already.

Can you tell me where on board the current sensor is?

Amd how to connect with steer motor i wonder.

Or is it just connect current jumper to ground and it will measure cytron current on pwm?

The current flowing into Cytron flows through the ACS712 current sensor chip.

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So nothing to adjust then only oick current sensor in aog.??

Yes :grin:

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Doing some bench testing on my first build. I believe everything’s is looking good so far in AgIO v5.7. Everything looks to be talking and I have RTK (only float, but that is with antennas on the kitchen table), Ntrip corrections are good, WAS is there. Work switch goes to false when closed, but auto-steer switch stays true. Multimeter across the switch looks good. Is something stopping it from showing false or do I need to trace it back further?

Also, what is the best way to test the steer motor when you have the free wheel mod? Disconnect GPS and use simulator?

Have you sent steering settings & config from AoG to your steer controller?

Using sim is best for non-mobile testing.

That was it. I hadn’t sent my configuration from AOG yet. Thank you!

Hi, I tore off the soldering pad, can I solder the cable to this soldering pad below? Or is there a way around this problem without buying a new cytron

Solder only here. at any of the two points.

(modification cytron pour AgOpenGps - YouTube)
And this way would help or do I need to buy a new citron?