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I reinstalled agopen on my tablet and i am planning on re-flashing the teensy tonight if i get a chance. this whole issue started cause i was having trouble with the zero on my WAS, it turns out i had the signal connected to pin 3 of the ampseal when it was supposed to be on pin 2.

Have you been through the steer setup wizzard, that can help as on 1 of the steps it activates autosteer and turns the compass yellow and green.
Try a teensy reflashing and see how you get on

hi, has anyone tried to remove the BNO085 on the AIO PCB and mount it elsewhere? I have little space in the cabin of my Case and it is difficult for me to mount the PCB in a good place.

Im pretty sure ive read somewhere and seen a picture that some have used 90 degree bent header pins so you can turn the pcb on its side but the bno085 is still mounted level.

I would like to use a 12 pin cable and place bno085 in a different place than AIO and I am curious if it is possible

You can, but short wires are prefered.

As far as I know you can mount the PCB in a different orientation compared to the intended one while leaving the BNO in its original place and then you can switch the axes in the code of the Teensy (.ino file), but I don’t know how to do that.
Unfortunately I’m not knowledgeable enough so I could be wrong about this.

@Vili, the standard screw version of your model for the PCB case is missing threading on one side. Also, can you please share the original files, so I can more easily modify it to my liking (I use FreeCAD).
Thanks for the model by the way.

My objective is to make the BNO085 in a completely different place, it stays in the cabin and I can put the AiO as I want, I thought about making a 12 pin cable with a 12 pin detush connector but I don’t know how long the cable on which the BNO085 will be mounted can be

I don’t understand what’s the point in doing so. At worst the BNO barely increases the size of the AIOPCB, and you have to have the AIOPCB in your machine anyway. If I’m correct on my previous answer then you can mount the AIOPCB with the BNO on it (no modifications needed) wherever you want, as long as it’s either paralell or perpendicular to every one of the XY-plane, YZ-plane and XZ-plane of your machine, so basically it lays flat, stands or on its side while it isn’t rotated in any direction (roll, pitch, yaw). Maybe you don’t even need to switch the axes in the code and follow these rules and you can “zero” your orientation somewhere in AOG, so whatever is your current orientation AOG would work as if the BNO was in the intended orientation, but I don’t know if it’s possible currently.
Again, I could be wrong about any of this. Hopefully someone will verify or correct me.

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The AIO pcb isnt big and everything is soldered onto it and the pcb board goes into a small 3d printed box . It sure doesnt get smaller by mounting the BNO085 in a different spot in the cab unless your doing something really goofy. . If your cab doesnt have a large enough area to make a bracket flat on the floor beside , behind seat or in front corner or anywhere else then you need a different tractor. The AIO pcb with everything in it is hardly bigger than a nav controller

Everything is great, you are right, but if I have bno mounted separately, I will be able to mount AiO in any position and if bno is in AiO, it is some kind of limitation

You dont have any limitation on pcb orientation. You can choose Y and X axis and invert them in AOG. You dont even have to have it at 90 deg for roll, you can 0 it out. But if you really want to you can just make cable from pcb to bno, I used 15cm dupont from pcbv2 to bno and it worked fine. If new boards will not have ali bno slot it will need to be installed that way.

In pcb v2, to separate the imu from the board more than 30 cm an i2c extender was used, I don’t know if it can also be used for la pcb AIO.

so just reset Bno and the reading will be ok? I have little space for AIO in my 7210Pro case and I would like to mount it on a post

Get tractor on flat not angled ground and 0 out roll in aog. Then you will have normal roll.

I tried to mount the board vertical, with the BNO in vertical position, switched the axis so it would 0 and follow the tractor. It was impossible to get the tractor to steer proper. Mounted the board horizontal and it worked flawlessly. That was with PCB V2.
I used Panda Teensy V5 as auto steer ino with the Teensy hat.

The BNO needs to be flat relative to the ground with the chips on the top side. Best to be mostly square with tractor but any side can be pointing forward, you can swap X/Y axis and invert roll. If you need the main PCB to be vertical then use 90 degree pins on the one side of the BNO with VCC, GND, SCL & SDA.

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You got option to mount it like that, I also got it at cab post and I would say that its too high up for bno (properly oriented chips with ground just inverted). I would now put pcb at lowest point posible in cab maybe under it to not take up space. But even in other tractor where panda module is behind the seat and properly oriented I get off the line 10 to 15cm on bump in rough ground. When testing on flat its 2.5cm±. I am thinking of going dual gps.

I would recommend installing as @m_elias said.

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Limitation is the distance, how far away?

For i2c you need only 4 wires (SDA/SDL/0V/3V3or5V), for longer distances you need and i2c extenter.

For rvc mode it should be easier because it is serial.

I have the same idea - to move the BNO into a small box under the tractor cab. I think an active termination such as LTC4311 will be quite suitable (I ordered Adafruit module).