BNO085 in RVC mode isn't being seen/used

I’ve jumpered P0 to +3.3V and am using SDA as the TX line into a serial-USB converter RX input, along with ground and 3.3V. If I bring up serial monitor at 115200 I get a pile of input, nothing recognizable but I assume it’s in some serial protocol that isn’t readable.

I’ve hooked into it via AgIO but I’m not seeing the usual numbers that show up beside the entry like in the GPS/autosteer connections, and the IMU doesn’t show a value on the information screen. Is there a different version of AOG I should be using to get it to use this IMU via serial or should I just try if via i2c? I liked the idea of using it via USB since I should be able to move it around easier to center it.

So replace AgIO.exe with this version is what I’m taking away from this?

That’s correct.

Yes, it’s not directly human-readable, but some terminal programs (e. g. HTerm) have a setting like “new line on xx ms idle”. Using that you can see data running when moving the sensor.

The protocol itself is described in the datasheet of the device (RVC - robot vacuum cleaner mode)

I did end up trying it with your Agio, seemed to pick up and use that RCV mode. I did have to manually enter the GPS communication speed in the XML config file because it was convinced it should be talking to the GPS at 4800.


Are you using an Ardusimple for GPS? In that case you can ignore the communication speed, because it’s fully virtual. I shouldn’t even show this value in that case… :wink:

No, Navspark PX1122R. I only see a place to set the RTCM input speed if one were using that, but the speed for the GPS units isn’t on the config screen. No big deal, just had to figure out where those settings are kept (User/local seems like an odd place to keep hardware values, but ok).