CanBus for Beginners - Super Simple

Hello, everyone. I’ve spent hours an hours reading this forum, and there’s indeed a lot of usefull information, though it should be clearer, but in this case, its really nooot. More and more questions and doubts are rising, making me wonder if I’m on the right way. My goal is to modify the FENDT 926 vario TMS - year 2006, to stay on the line, perform a U-turn, and change speed during a U-turn because its possible to set 2 diferent speed options on autopilot. I also want to control the implement at the end of feald (raise/lower)… and I would like to conect all of this using a UDP on PoE switch. The FENDT 926 is an old tractor, and as far as I’ve found out, its not steering ready. I would like to use the motor for steering wheel, which may not be as convenient as a solenoid valve, but everything is about the price…

Currently, I have ordered the motherboard triple CAN V2.0 by @CommonRail (big thanks for sharing your knowledge), but I don’t fully understand if the choice is correct, if I can use it for UDP, and if the power supply via a PoE router will work… Since the tractor is not steer-ready, and steering via the CAN line is not possible, i realise that additional steering control unit is required also… maybe im wrong and its realy have some hydraulic valve already preinstalled for stearing. and if i dont have steering ready, maybe i dont actualy need pcb with 3 CAN…
i would realy apreciate your help and advices to go the right direction. Maybe I dream to much actualy…
Also few assambled CAN V2.0 boards will be available soon if someone interested.

That’s all possible and not too difficult. I don’t think the triple CAN board is what you need tho.

I would start with getting the autosteer working. You will only need one CAN port connected to the KBUS to control everything.

Options I guess:

  • All in one PCB with one CAN port
  • Steering board + Switch + GPS + Machine CAN board

My pick would be organise the all in one PCB and get the autosteer working with the DC motor, after that worry about controlling the tractor via CAN

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All in one PCB was my first choice, but while reading more and more, decided to go for 3 CAN because of stear on CAN and implement control… but as its not stear ready it was wrong choice, and pcb was allready ordered… but i will go for AIO Micro pcb now… only need to understand witch one is the latest.
thanks for your advice

Hello @CommonRail,
I am thinking of putting a Keya Motor to pilot the steering via CanBus (both for Challenger and TG).
For the Challenger, as a tracked tractor with no WAS and return to 0 steering, if the Teensy code for PCB 4.1 already covers it (with or without Keya), can you clarify how will the Teensy know that it does not have to rely on a WAS to correct the steering ? (I did not find any clear indication in all other Differential Steering discussions),
And if this works for the Challenger, I guess we are not far for enabling this for any tractor (back to “other no WAS” discussions, but here, via CanBus). Does this sound feasible ?

The factory steering via can on the Challenger works just like a normal tractor with WAS. This is calculated by the tractor ecu.

This tractor here is running AgOpen via CANBUS


Hello. I have a Massey Ferguson 7624. I am using it with arduino nano and mcp2515, the firmware:
I want to switch to AIO to not use USB and have everything with LAN. I have tested the firmware:
It works, but I can’t get the driving to be activated with the button on the tractor control, which does work for me with the Arduino nano firmware.
Can you help me?

In the aio canbus ion the engage message is setup for Valtra. On MF the message is the same other than it comes from a different ID. The MF sends from ID 00 and Valtra 32. If you change the ID in the can all brands file from 32 to 00 it will work. You have to change it in the filters for brand1 line28 and further down where it reads the message line 361.

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Also check this thread: Steering a '22 MF 6718S over CANBUS

And check out the TeensyFlasher tool to make flashing the AIO with CANBUS mods easy.

Works. Thank you so much.

hello, I got a tony canboard, I put it together, the subject: fendt 930 vario 2006, I connected can3-Vbus correctly, I also set the brand and panda mode in arduino, the tractor accepted the sent messages, because if I pulled out the wire steering error was written on the dashboard. but no data came from the WAS and it did not control the tractor. the steering button on the tractor just flashed and nothing happened. help me, what could be the problem? then I tried with arduino uno and seeedstudio canshield v2, but I didn’t get anything either, when I connected the wires, only the rx led lit up and the tx didn’t, no can messages came.
Thanks in advance !

I work some time on new code to sniff with savvycan and teensy


Hello everyone,

I have just finished putting @CommonRail 's Teensy Canbus PCB together.
Now I am wondering what’s the best way to power the board and to get the connection to AgOpen?

I would like to power it via USB from the tablet that it starts together with the computer and doesn’t “idle” for hours when Agopen isn’t actually used.

Can it be powered directly by the Teensy micro usb?
Could I also use that USB connection to connect the board to AgIO or is it always better to use UDP for that case?
Is it even possible to connect via serial because the Teensy combines the steering controller and PANDA in one device? Is it connected in AgIO as a steering controller or as something else?
Lots of questions coming up… :sweat_smile:

I would be thankfull for every tipp or example how to do it in the most convenient way!

Thanks in advance!

Power it with 12v from a source that’s powered via the key. It won’t matter if it idles without AgOpen.

You must connect via Ethernet cable, USB is for diagnostic and setup only.

We have now added this in the ino of @CommonRail so the engage message of valtra, MF and Mccormick are all included in the same Agco brand 1 setting with serial service tool.


The engage message is on V_Bus?
Hitch position is on ISO_Bus?

Depends on the machine. Typically K-Bus for both of them, I think, in Fendt terms anyway.

Massey 7724 without S.

Both on the K Bus for MF

On MF K-Bus is?

Sterring is on CAN3 Engine.

Canbus 1 is K bus

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