TeensyFlasher - a simple way to flash the Teensy with AOG firmware

Just realised, while I posted this on Telegram and updated the wiki, it was never mentioned here. Oops…

I wrote a small app to make flashing the Teensy super-easy, no need for Arduino IDE, TeensyDuino, anything - it’s all self-contained in one simple program. Details on the wiki here but it’s as simple as download, unzip, Refresh list, pick the firmware, program !

If you find any issues, please let me know, either tag me here or log an Issue on github. Thanks!


So is this basically a fancy version of teensyloader?

Yup - and saves having to hunt for that custom firmware (the canbus/AIO and Keya derivatives aren’t mainstream yet).

Also, if you have any custom ones of your own, you can easily add them to the list.