TeensyFlasher - a simple way to flash the Teensy with AOG firmware

Just realised, while I posted this on Telegram and updated the wiki, it was never mentioned here. Oops…

I wrote a small app to make flashing the Teensy super-easy, no need for Arduino IDE, TeensyDuino, anything - it’s all self-contained in one simple program. Details on the wiki here but it’s as simple as download, unzip, Refresh list, pick the firmware, program !

If you find any issues, please let me know, either tag me here or log an Issue on github. Thanks!


So is this basically a fancy version of teensyloader?

Yup - and saves having to hunt for that custom firmware (the canbus/AIO and Keya derivatives aren’t mainstream yet).

Also, if you have any custom ones of your own, you can easily add them to the list.

This tool has now been updated - it not only flashes the Teensy, but also the F9p firmware and configuration. All with less than half a dozen button presses. Let me know if you have any issues please.


I just tried to download the ConfigOMatic, and it keeps saying there’s a virus and canceling the download. Am I missing something?

Yeah, an actual virus is the only thing missing :laughing:
Win11 or 10?

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Windows 10

Yeah, AOG had the same issue yesterday - Trojan:Win32/Phonzy.A!ml? - MS are being slightly aggressive in some of the metadata I think, I submitted it to MS as a false positive for AOG so hopefully they’ll resolve it soon. Brian did get round that by recompiling it, but github actions did the recompilation for the release so that’s kinda weird.

If you’ve any concerns, you can install Visual Studio and compile it from the source yourself.

I did upload it to VirusTotal and they said it was fine there, on MS, but the submission page at Microsoft said “virus, cloud”, so it’s their cloud protection thing that’s needing sorted.

Reports on Telegram that GPS_Out is now doing similar: