Compact wheel drive unit

I am a beginner and I want to thank first the creator of this software and all the others who contributed to the birth of a society that brings us closer as people.

So, I’m starting my journey with AgOpen now. I have an NH t5.105 EC tractor and I am tall, which led me to ask for a more compact, mobile and budget steering wheel option.
Does anyone have a suggestion for a similar MDU-G4 drive?

Many are running steering gears. Ive installed AgOpenGPS on a JD3038e compact tractor, and I am 6’1”

Your tractor is massive in comparison, you should have plenty of room to install.

Look in the steering files section for many ideas.

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Other good link is cerea forum, there are some steering setups downloadable:

for example, Steyr Multi 4110, platform tractor like t5.110 ec:

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Some have done it with Brushless hollow shaft gimbal motors. Or pancake
If you search for one or two of these words you could find more.

Somewhere there is a link to a Chinese company, who make sets with motor and inner shaft to mount directly on the requested tractor model.

Edit found link, look a bit down om their site to see how:

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Thank you the support guys! When I press the brake pedal it is 14-15 cm to my knee from the steering column. So I figured there might be a comfort problem. Definitely the price is decisive and I will focus on the more common option.
However, do you know what the MDU-g4 (OnTrac …) is powered by?

I think the Chinese one uses some wacky version of CAN, CAN2.0

I think this thread was a thumbs down for it.
Wish everything just came with a danfoss electronic orbital valve.

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Is there a smaller version of Phidgets motor?

To be smaller than the phidgets you would need to run a higher voltage. But the cytron is rated to 30V. So a move to 48V requires major changes.

The great part about AOG is you can respec or re engineer anything to fit. But the standard build parts come with many hours in use, and quick community trouble shooting.

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You can use a simple friction wheel drive, mounted on a stable cabin part such:

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Someone installed it directly on the wheel shaft:

it’s a CNH Platform tractor


Also you can use it to run a second generic orbital, with valving and hoses. Though I wonder if the extra valve would now be needed with the cytron being changed to freewheel the motor.

Its very much a decision of costs vs convenience.

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If you have space in the front of the steering wheel you can put it like I did: