Factory 6 pin John deere WAS

Wanted to share the pinout for the factory 6 pin wheel angle sensor, as it is different from the similar landrover sensor.**
I used 1, 5v, 2, gnd, and 4, signal. Didn’t have to invert steer direction.


Hey i am getting together the bits to get autosteer working on my AOG. Why is there two output signals on the JD WAS? How do we use the original jd sensor?

Edit. I see now how you have used jd sensor, can you confirm that it worked?
So what does jd use the other output for?


Yes, I have it connected this way and it works good. It is like the landrover sensor, except for the pinout being different. I am running a 7330 high crop with factory WAS on left side. Using 1,2, and 4, gave positive steer value to right turn. I used 87% on Ackerman, which gave the same output far left to far right turn.
That JD part number is AL175214, by the way. Also you could use pin 3, 5, and 6 but I believe the steering value would be reversed, requiring was to be inverted in aog.

Hello, I have the same sensor as you on a 6145r with the same electrical schematics. However when I measure the signal, the sensor gives me only two values. I have 0.5v on one side fixed and on the other side 4.5v but nothing else. The value remains fixed on one of the two values depending if my wheel is turned right or left. Did you have the same behavior ? I think my sensor is faulty.

I connected it according to the wiring schematic above and tested it through Agopen. I don’t understand hall affect sensors well enough to test with a meter. I always got strange numbers.

But Nrannou you do not mention what you measure when wheels are straight ahead(in the middle) there you should have about 2,5 V.
The normal funktion would be 0,5 V at one side, and going up the more you turn to the other side, ending at 4,5 V

I think he means that he does not find a variable voltage coming from his sensor.

As far as I know a hal sensor can be tested just like you would a potentiometer. Apply the 5v (or whatever it’s rated for) and ground to it, and then measure the signal wire against ground. It will change very similarly to how a POT will change the voltage.

I haven’t plugged into Agopen yet. For the moment I only measure with a multimeter. @Larsvest when my wheels are straight I have no intermediate value. The value switches from 0.5v to 4.5v as soon as I go from middle to left or middle to right. Otherwise no other variable voltage. Maybe my multimeter does not measure well.

That’s it. So I don’t know if the problem comes from the sensor or from my multimeter. I’m going to connect to Agopen to see the result.

I believe that sensor has 2 separate hall sensors. I wouldn’t think they were both bad unless a common ground or v input was fault. So if it doesn’t read correct through AOG, you might move the connections to the other set. ie. (1,4,2) or (6,3,5).

Yes there I was on signal 4. I also tested signal 3, I had the same behavior but the value divided by two. 0.25v on one side and 2.25v on the other.

I would have thought that the values would have been in reverse of one another only.

Maybe the WAS axle is not adjusted correct. Try to take out the WAS and measure if there is a range between 0,5 and 4,5V anywhere in the 360 degree turn

Yes, I’m going to test this

Indeed, that was the problem. Last week I had taken it out and I put it back up wrong, so the measuring range was not good. But now I put the potentiometer back in the right direction and everything works.

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