Having trouble getting the tractor to steer

I just figured out the porting for the M+ and now am having trouble with the steering. I’m getting a wheel angle reading that is correct, and the steer progress bar fills up halfway, but the tractor doesn’t steer.
Anyone have any solutions for me?

I guess no one has this problem or has ever had this problem

Hi Confused,

I think many users have experienced similar issues, but it would help us if you gave a little more information about your setup.


AOG version:

Hardware: PCB / homegrown / other
motor type, driver IBT_2 / Cytron

GPS position OK ?

Can you steer when using the drive tab in the Autosteer settings?

Did you enable Autosteer in the vehicle settings?

Did you connect the connector on the PCB?

Maybe you could check the following thread, a lot of troubleshooting steps are pointed out there for member Bluerabbit having a similar problem.

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Here goes:
AOG Version - 3.0
Hardware - Homegrown
Driver - IBT_2
GPS Position: Functioning
Can not steer in Drive Tab
Enabled Autosteer
Don’t Have PCB

And Thanks

You could check the signals to IBT enable and PWM to deterrmine the origin of your issue.

Also check this thread

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how do you check those things sorry I’m kinda new to this

did you make the connection from nano pin d6 to ground? that turns steering on

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Did you mean D3 or is there a new diagram I should see?
Because if you mean D3 yes I have it grounded but if you mean D6
then where does the DIR PIN go

Are you using the correct pinout for the arduino? The old schematics do not work with the arduino code used now. The pinout is different. Look at the arduino code and see if it matches your wiring. It is easy enough to alter the code to suit your pinout if that is the case. Just under the setup zone.

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ok ill check but I have no idea how to code so wish me luck

Guessing you must have used the arduino IDE to program your arduino and set up the arduino. Just look at the code below the setup zone.

This for example defines which pin your steer switch is on.

#define STEERSW_PIN 6 //PD6

Ignore the bit after the // , that is just a comment. The ‘PIN 6’ is which pin the steer switch is wired to. If yours is different alter it. Same applies to all of these.

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ya ok but mines on d6 do I put a d before the 6 then?

No. 6 is fine.

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Do all the others match yours?

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ok ive coded the right thing in then hopefully

and yes im gonna go test it now

You said you’ve got D3 grounded. That is definitely not right!

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ive set it to need d3 grounded now ive basically set it to work the same as the old diagram

That should work. I had exactly the same issue as you back in November ish when I set up my test system.

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I wish I had a test system because that didn’t seem to work either im gonna do a more refined work thru of the pin now that I have the box in the house

is there anywhere I can get a diagram for the new wiring?

Also whats the remote pin

DIR1_RL_ENABLE that’s the one I need grounded right?