John Deere 8320 hydraulic steering

Hi guys,

I am considering installing AOG to my father’s John Deere 8320. I am new to this site but i am very impressed by everyone’s knowlege. I was wondering if someone could help me with the hydraulics to achieve this task. What components should i use?


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Hi is your tractor steer ready? I am running a JD8130 which has the Danfoss steer ready orbitrol, It works Really Well . pcb and IBT2 cheers

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I dont think it is steer ready. It is greenstar ready, i am not sure what that means. I cant see any wires going to the orbitrol. Do you know how to verify if it is steer ready?

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Check out this thread. The valve is connected to the steering orbitrol Ther’s a 4 pin plug going to it.

Thanks for the reply,

Interesting post. I do not have an auto steer steering valve though. I will have to add one. Do you know someone who had success retrofitting a PWM valve on a JD 8020 series?


I do not, many years ago we added greenstar steering to our 8400’s, basically the same setup. At that time we had to replace the entire orbitrol valve and electrical part, but I think you can order the electrical part separately now. The only challenge was getting the bolts in and running wires, but you shouldn’t need the Deere wires. There’s another guy that added a separate aftermarket valve on this site but I can’t find the thread right now.
Good luck

I think the John Deere setup is expensive. I might consider an aftermarket valve like the Fluid System.


Does anyone have experience with the. Danfoss EHI? Looks very nice and compact.

@nut is probably the most experimented about this valve! :grin:

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Soon I’ll have. We’re just ordering parts for a friends Valtra with EHi and PVED-CC controller. You can build the same thing with PVG16 parts, but price will be only marginally cheaper. The EHi comes with everything, including LS resolver valve, cutoff valve, reaction cutoff valve etc. in the same package.

What is the approximate cost of an EHi valve?

Hi @nut !!
Thanks for the reply! Can you share configuration part numbers and schematics?

Depends on the controller and variant, CC or CLS, either side of 2 keur.

I will as I have double checked the numbers before ordering, lots and lots of options on the variant codes😬

Thanks. That gives be a much better idea of what hydraulic conversion like this could cost.

As a reference, if you build it from PVG16 valve body, it’ll be around 1300 eur, depending on actuator and including the PVFC valve. If you want additionally a separate cut-off valve, add maybe 100 eur.

From your experience, what type of setup do you recommend? Are there pros and cons?

Hi AussieRhys,

Do you know what is the model number of your valve? And i am guessing your actuator is PWM?


Cetop valves work very well. I have developed all-in-one compact blocks, also screwed to the orbitrol, and my own cnc machines for their production. I’ll be over my tests in a few days.


@baraki very interesting, let me know if you have more information about your setup!!! Do you have pictures or spec sheets?

BTW, I would like to see you CNC machine, one day i will build one too!!