Massey Ferguson 5S.135 - CanBus - A work in progress

Hello Guys,
to prevent the Canbus Thread from mixing all the questions and confusing,
I want to share my experiences and ask a few questions about the new massey generation in this thread. If the results are promising, I will build a new system on panda basis and write a complete guide for beginners as I have done it with the arduino build for the MF 7700 series.

So for the first try, I took the complete system from the 7700 and mounted it on the 5S.
Now I needed to get access to the Canbus. Under the right seat, I found the 3-Pin-Deutsch connector (X230) - the same as in the old massey.
After plugging it in, a lot of error messages popped up on the instrument cluster. Some measurement and a precise look at the connector unveiled that the engineeers changed the pins(!). So you always have to ensure the corrrect polarity. The colours (green=CANlow / yellow=CANhigh) are still correct.

As the tractor has quicksteer only, there is no autoguide button on the right pillar. If you press the autoguide button on the joystick, it turns green.
The result still is not very promising, the tractor does not want to listen to my curve commands. Activating quicksteer or driving forward does not help. AOG does also not show the steering angle. Maybe someone has a hint for me.

Here we see the X230 wiring harness with his End resistor Cap (120Ohms) that we need to remove to plug the arduino in.

There is a Wiring harness (X633) with an “autoguide canbus shunt”, does anybody know what it is good for?

The same thing for ISOBUS (may be helpful in the future to send GPS data to sprayer or sth like that)

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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I have not looked into the configuration settings for these new models but the steering controller is part of the main tractor ecu (not part of the steering valve anymore) and has been for some time now.

If there is no autosteer button I would guess the configuration is not set for autosteer, maybe you can just turn this on via the dealer laptop? It may require the autosteer keypad buttons

Just looking again at your pictures are you sure that plug is x230? There is some other CAN terminators there with similar numbers but not the old x230.

That yellow plug with autoguide label is more likely the plug you should use to connect to.

I am pretty sure it is X230.
Between this connector and the yellow connector (X633), the multimeter shows an infinite resistance, so that seems to be a different bus.
I will contact our dealer to find out what specific danfoss valve is installed and on which bus we can find it.
Thanks a lot and best regards,

Hi Ferdi you got any further?

We want to try to hookup a 7s.165 dyna 6 with speedsteer.

Hi Raycorp,
I had a look into the Agco Parts book (free for everyone) and there we see a wiring harness to the rooftop as in the previous models connected to X633. X230 is not connected at all. On the rooftop, the steering controller (STW VD04) is connected.
Looks like this setup:

Intesting thing is there are two part numbers for the danfoss valve.

When I come home from vacation, I will test my setup on this bus.
Best regards,

We have a succes on the 7s. The OBD connector has a extender. Called X1114-A.

We can drive and steer. We can disengage by turning wheel or use steer button in handle.

We going to try to find out activation by steerbutton in handle. But it all looks promising.

Hello Racorp,
Wow, that sounds promising. Is the 7S prefitted with the Autosteer Button on the right pillar or just with quicksteer as our 5S?
Best regards

Only quicksteer button.

May you give more details ?How can we reach the connector that you talk about ?

And what is the difference between quicksteer and steerbutton in handle ?

We still working on it. Hopefully end of this week all works.

When it does i will post a how to with pictures in
Topic Succes Story’s.

And will give the working code to the canbus delevoper team. So they can update there code.

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Hi we have but a massey 7s210 autoguide predisposed. We have connect the pcb of mechanic Tony, with these code in teensy: Autosteer_AOGv5_Teensy4.1UDP_SteerReadyCAN.
We have connect on extender x1114a.
We can’t drive the diection, we have only was signal when i use autosteer activation on handle.
We have need a specific code?
Sorry for my english ans thank in advance

You have selected the brand in Service monitor in Arduino IDE?

And you may need to be moving forwards for steering to engage.

Yes i choose massey/valtra

You do not need to drive to engage autopilot.

And if you not have the edited code for joystick button you must set activation to None. So not switch or button.

When you have edited code you need to select button.

I dont know if my add to code is in @andyinv code or @CommonRail s code.

It is:

I’ve marked it as a test firmware as I changed a couple other things there, and was looking for some feedback to make sure I didn’t break everything :slight_smile:

However, just realised you’re using Tony’s board, I will need to check that the code is in his firmware image for the tool. Give it a try, if not, you can compare with the code for AIO to see what PGNs are needed.

Hi! I finaly find the solution for my probleme. My dealer have’nt calibrate my valve pved, that’s why dont work.
Thank you all for your help


have you manege to make it wor on the massey 7s? im looking in to try on a massey 5s