Micro F9P group buy

Looks like we can buy them one by one now if we want

I would probably order another 6-10 again.

Like wwfarm I would also probably buy 6 or 7 in the next order.

If a few more that want larger quantities make a request, I will be glad to arrange another group buy.

I would order 5

Keep them coming and if we get close to 50 pieces here, we can go ahead with a buy.
I haven’t confirmed with Ardusimple yet, but I somehow think they will be good with it.

I’d be tempted to do another 6-10.

I’d buy 2 (in France), but I’m new at this : will someone explain to me what is a “group buy” ? Does it mean I get a board assembled as if I’d buy it at JlcPcb ? What about the IMU, F9P, etc ?
And that would be for the micro version, right ?

If it’s going to hapen fairy soon and if buing only 3 is enought to get in, I’am in.

I would be in for 2.

Me as well for 2 of these guys. Will use my standard f9p for my base then.

I would take 10

According to the the recent comments, we should have enough for another group buy @Jhmach

If all order the maximum in your message, there is 51pcs.
Do i need to send a request to Ardusimple today?

I’d say ask them and put the word out to start gathering numbers, I expect there are more interested.

I will ask Ardusimple and will also put a notice on the International group.

I will take 5 at least.

I would buy 2.

The group buy is just for the micro F9P modules and antenna from ardusimple. So you still need the board IMU, teensy, etc. If we do a group buy we get a really good deal.

I’m also interested in buying 1 of them + antenna