Panda - ADC Connecton FAILED!

Here’s my setup:

On the bench
PCB V2 (I took it from my working setup) added ethernet shield to Nano
Machine PCB (from my setup) added UDP
IMU (from my setup added UDP

I get 3 greens in AGIO and everything appears to work is SIM mode.

I replace the IMU with Panda (BNO085, F9, Teensy 4.1 w/UDP.
I only get Autosteer and Machine green in AGIO. (I have tried Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5 and A_Teensy_v56.ino from AOG 5.5.16 and 5.6.2 with the same results-no green in AIGO. Loaded on the teensy)

I know the ethernet and teensy work. I can run the WebClient and WebServer examples with the expected results.

Here is the results running Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5 from the Serial Monitor.

Start setup
SerialAOG, SerialRTK, SerialGPS and SerialGPS2 initialized

Starting Ethernet…
Initializing ethernet with static IP address
Ethernet cable is not connected - Who cares we will start ethernet anyway.

Ethernet status OK
IP set Manually:

Ethernet IP of module:
Ethernet sending to IP:
All data sending to port: 9999
Ethernet GPS UDP sending from port: 5120
Ethernet NTRIP UDP listening to port: 2233
Ethernet AutoSteer UDP listening to & send from port: 8888

Starting AutoSteer…
ADC Connecton FAILED!
Autosteer disabled, GPS only mode

Starting IMU…
Swapping GPS ports…

Swapping GPS ports…

As I track this thru Autosteer_gps_teensy_v5_5 the UDP quits when “ADC Connection FAILED!”

I can Take the ADS1115 and run I2C_Adress which returns 0x48. I can also run a ADS1115 sample program with a pot to each of pins A0-3 with expected results, which tells me that its a good sensor.

I have a pot wired to the ads1115 to simulate the WAS and a steer switch attached and “on”. The main switch is jumped so it’s ON.

Any ideas as to where thing may be going wrong?

On my micro, I was getting “Swapping GPS ports” because there were no F9Ps plugged in at that time. Positive it’s powering up OK?

PCB V2 will turn the steer module green, running it in conjunction with PANDA all that will be used on the V2 is the ADS. ACS712, and the Cytron.

Remember to disable any BNO connected to V2, physically by removing wires or in software by putting a false address into i2C.

Pay no attention to the serial debugger, its debugging a device that does not exist. The teensy debugger does not see the nano on V2 and vice versa. Just move the WAS back and forth that is still connected to the V2 and it will show up in AOG like it always has before.

The serial debugger has no effect on actual performance.

Do you have any duplicate IP’s?

Does your f9p have same gnd as teensy?
In my test setup with f9p powered by powerbank, the teensy only started blinking orange after both 3v ioref AND gnd were connected to the teensy.
( I had no teensy pcb) And off course sda scl.

Ok so still the PCB V2 with nano to read the WAS and control the motor, no IMU on it?

So instead a GPS you have an UDP PANDA board

Thats good, there is no IMU connected to AGio since it is connect to the Teensy!

Do you have problem with the PANDA teensy or the Autosteer nano?

You are showing debugging from the Teensy and talking about ADS1115 problem running with the nano on the pcbV2?
2 different problems
Or am I misunderstanding something?

Yep same ground. 5V to 5V pin and 3.3V out to F9 and BNO. (“the teensy only started blinking orange” I don’t get any lights on teensy.

No IMU on PCB V2.

Yep BNO & GPS on Teensy UDP.

I see no problem with Autosteer. I’m not getting connected to AGIO with teensy - at least I have no green showing up that I can attribute to Teensy.

I think PF’s post might solve this.

Ensure that you are using the latest panda firmware. I had that issue by using firmware which was released with V5.62.

All in One PCB - Hardware - AgOpenGPS

edit2: Unfortunately the link works not properly should be linked to dialog 372

Try this firmware:

It’s from \PandaUpdates: (45,3 KB)

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@wland The version # is the same as I’ve been using but something is different cause it works!!!

Thanks to all of you!


Like a bad penny I’m Back!!

I’m not getting any GPS data to show in AGIO when I choose GPS data. I figure I either have to be moving and/or I have the wrong firmware and config files.

Could you attach firmware and config files that you are using successfully?? There are a number of diff versions in other threads and diff download versions. Which ones to use and in what combo??

Do I need to be moving to see GPS data??


First check your teensy with the serial monitor:

Are there a “swapping port” messages or did you get panda sentences?

It is not necessary to move, but you should have free sky view, to get full gps data, but normally it’s working if you place the antenna at the window.

I’m guessing this is panda!!!


$PANDA will be panda, if you see panda you will see no other NMEA.

For Panda the gps needs to be connected directly to the Teensy serial port.


Also I am not sure why you have satellites in view turned on?

I read the thread again, and it looks like you have no panda board.
So did you use the two 2.2 K ohm resistors between 3.3 V and SDA and SDL which are pin 18 and 19 on teensy, used for the BNO (I used some 3.5 Kohm I had, and on PJRC forum 4.5 K ohm is mentioned as pull up for teensy inputs)
I do not have pull ups on teensy pin 28 and 29 where F9P rx tx is connected.
I see the two pull ups, are used on all three boards: Basic Panda, Panda Hat, and all in one teensy autosteer.

I got the config file from 5.6.33. I was having a h–l of a time getting firmware to load. That one finally took.

I figured that one out about 3 AM this morning.

I did not on my breadboard setup. I checked this AM and I do have them in my PCB schematic. I’ll put them on the breadboard this AM.

Thanks guys!

You can connect the the teensy directly to the sda/scl of the chinese bno and adafruit boards as these resistors already exist on them. No extra parts required.

You are receiving from your receiver, thats a good sign, but not the right packets.

Normally, only GGA and VTG Messages should be enable at your F9P. (via u-center)

Which receiver do you use ? Ardusimple , Sparkfun …?

The config files are only for the Ardusimple ones.

It’s also from \PandaUpdates:
Ublox F9P (1,3 MB)

Good to know as I’m using an Adfruit.

So I need a different config? A F9 is not a F9? They are the same Ublox chip.

I used the BIN file you attached and the 1.32 SingleAntennaRover config.

Do I need a different one?

The F9P is the same, but there are different pheriperals on the boards.

I’m using the ublox C099 F9P Board, it won’t work with a ardusimple config.

I do my config manually.

Which board do you use?

Try out to use u-center to show the actual configuration:

Improved konfiguration files for f9p with firmware 1.13 - GPS / RTK / GNSS - AgOpenGPS

Don’t forget to store changes in the flash memory