Settings for cnh valve system

I am new to all this so any help greatly appreciated. I have a tm175 new holland set up with a standard new holland/ autosteer valve mounted away from the orbital. I was out drilling with it today and it seems to follow the line reasonably well but the problem I have is it constantly wiggles left and right as I drive over uneven ground. Has anyone got settings they are using with this type of system? Or will there always be wiggle driving over ploughed land? My settings are:
P 115
Max pwm 80
Low 45
Min 40
Look ahead 2.5m
Look ahead gain 1.4
Side hill 0.21 what does this actually do?
Integral 15

Which version of AOG, IMU and GPS?
I experienced the same with v5, I think PANDA GPS+IMU fusion will resolve this.

I have little rough field so I didn’t try hard to solve it.
You can try to reduce antenna height, maybe increase fix-to-fix distance.

Does the user of dual antena experience the same weggling?

I think it is the latest version the lego one? The imu is cmps14 and fp9 receiver on rtk with my own base station

CNH Machines with analog hydraulic valves Settings Had the same Problem. Finding good Settings wasnt easy.

Ok thanks I will try your settings and see how it goes. What does the roll filter setting do? It just seems to be trying to follow the antenna too much as it is swinging from left to right.

Try also set antenna height to 0. And how does you cmps14 reacts? Is it fast or slow?

If it is set to zero would that effect its position working across slopes? The cmps 14 seems to be working quite fast

I am also trying to use the Reichhardt valve but the tractor still wiggling around 10 cm error. Has anyone been controlling the proportional valve successfully?

I did. Look at my Post.

In your settings for 5.5 you’ve said min is 2 did you mean 20? 2 seems very low if I set mine at 2 it won’t move to smaller angles.

No, i mean two because it’s a hydraulic valve and therefore it can open with extremely low PWM Values. Try it and if it doesn’t works for you set it higher. But if your Min is too high it will wiggle around the line because it can never steer less enough to correct the really small errors.

Ok so I tried your settings today whilst spreading fertiliser. It is more stable but doesn’t really hold the line very well and can end up 10/15cms offline and take a long time to get back. Is there something I am missing to filter out the roll? I can get it to hold the line very well but the problem seems to be the line moves every time I go over a bump?

If you set more filter on the roll, this issue will be less. Untill you get the teensy 4.1 and combine imu and GPS in the panda sentence (see thread on that subject elsewhere here.) Then I would set antenna hight to zero meter. At least for a start until you get the autosteer working. Later experiment with roll.

Ok I will set height to zero and see how that goes I have some drilling to do. I suppose If I moved the antenna down lower to the nose of the tractor somewhere might help as well. How do I get teensy or what is it?

There are other threads about teensy, but wait some time as system is not ready yet.
I did this year seeding with 0 m antenna hight, and imu GPS fusion at around 50 percent.

On the steer ready cnh t6 175 I know (running AOG ver 4.3) the WAS could not be set completely at zero when driving straight, so we ended up with + 10 cm sideshift of the antenna. No sideshift of machine . This way pass to pass of seeder are perfect, but on screen you see overlap one way and gap the other. Lightbar show konstantly around 10 cm fault in red, instead of around 0 fault like my properly WAS zeroed hurlimann, with hydraulic autosteer.
Also be aware of sidedrag from a seeder in the 3 point hitch. This would look like a incorrect set WAS

From memory!
Settings for t6 175
Prop 135
Min 43
Max 175
Low min 43

Thanks for your help! I will keep adjusting. Is there any way to improve the headland turns? Mine seems to turn late so you end up much closer to the boundary than expected then it also turns back in late which is a bit annoying

Yes in u turn settings you set both the shape of u turn and distance from boarder

I was driving yesterday in ploughed land, and experienced the same thing… At my first test on even ground it wasn’t working too bad. But i still have to adjust my Settings. And your right, the Valve probably doesn’t open with 2pwm. Maybe I’m going to disconnect my steering cylinder and test exactly at what PWM value the Valve opens.