Setup and connection issue

Hi there! I build PCB with Cytron / ADS1115 / MMA / Nano, uploaded Autosteer_USB_v5_0.INO onto Arduino. Installed AgopenGPS 5.4.5 and when I open the AgIO I can see the port not not seem to have any communication. Is there a manual for dummies I can follow?

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See this and the following message.

Have you actually connected it to the autosteer port?

Click on the steering wheel icon, select your COM port, hit connect. What happens?

Hi there! Version 5 is not working with MMA or Bno055 any more .

Thanks for the reply, do I remove the MMA and use a Bno 085?

When I select the COM port on the steering wheel nothing happens. I will change the Bno to 085, this might be the problem. Hoping and if I can find one…

Yes. You need only Bno085 or CMPS14.

When you connect it to the arduino ide what does the the serial monitor say?

Do you get any connection there?

If you do not have a connection there then see if in code serial.begin is not marked out. Also check the bauterate be sure your coms are at 38400.

I also have MMa installed with V5 because i am waiting for BNO. But all stil works.

I connect Arduino with USB and can se the port. When I upload the .io file it does say upload complete and the transmit an receive light blink, so It does connect. But not connecting to the the PCB. I tried with USB and I can see the com number AgIO screen, also I can see the com number if I open the steering wheel tab but nothing happen. When I close the window after selecting the COM number at the steering wheel and reopen selected COM is gone again. I tried connecting with the ethernet cable but also no luck, not sure is the default IP address from the “module port” is the correct address.
Screenshot 2021-12-21 095407|600x500
Help will be much appreciated!

When you open serial monitor on arduino ide you see message bno and cmp not installed?

You need to check.

Your picture say Udp. But you ino is usb?

do you follow the next steps?

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Here is a screenshot of serial monitor, can the missing Bno 85 be the issue causing it to connect?

To what are you connecting your pcb to??
Same pc??

If so go to device manager and check comports and see if the bautrate is also on 38400 standard is 9600

I was initially dong this with my laptop and switched to my Pc while I was trouble shooting. Did make some progress, I got the Steering wheel connected but when I select the controller board I get a message "Access to the ports denied. I did change the port speed buy no change.

Picture shows its connected

No, the 70 if the same number as next to the steering wheel. Cant get the IMU and Steer to connect together to same COM port the it say Access denied.

Do you have a separate imu then?

It is mounted on the pcb MMa or bn0

You only need to connect steering icon. Nothing more.

In simulation mode you can see steering angle. And when you go offline and enable steering you will see the leds on the pwm board light up.

So only steer and gps for live and only steering for simulation

Unplug the device from your PC, check Device Manager under ports.

It should not be listed.

Plug it back in whilst watching Device Manager, does it appear as a COM port? If not, then you have a hardware / addressing problem; try moving it to a different USB port. If it doesn’t present on another USB port, then you have a hardware problem. Reboot, try again.

If it presents in Device Manager, then connect it in AgIO, does it now work?

If not; then disconnect from AgIO and fire up the Arduino IDE. Connect the port in the IDE and then fire up Serial Monitor at a baud rate of 38400, take a screenshot and post it here.

Forget the IMU for now, it’s not important at this stage.

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Someone put this in the manual

Want me to write up a troubleshooting section for the manual?

I’ve been remiss WRT the documentation because the existing team is excellent and you haven’t needed any input from me. Every time I look, you have already done everything I would have suggested.

I’d like to give something back to this community, so let me know if you can delegate any work to me.