Speed Pulse Output to be ISO compatible

Speed pulse output at the AIO board should be according to the ISO standard in order to avoid issues when connecting different types of implements, or have to solder pullups or pulldown resistors.

The ISO standard is higher than 6,3V and lower than 1,5V. Square pulse

In both V4.1 micro and std you can use a hole of R65 THC resistor to put a 2k pullup resistor.
Would indeed be nice to have this resistor footprint already on the board.

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Yes, As it is today this raw pulse won’t be accepted by many impelments. I tried with both, Einbock Speed-Tronic and Amazone Amatron3, I got neither of them working, even with a pullup :frowning:

Did your pull-up pull high enough? The speed pulse output should have no problem pulling down.

Yes, pulled to 12V with a 2.2kOhm, But it doesn’t go down far enough.(as it seems).
(Also replaced CNY chip).
IT would make a great difference if this DO was “plug&play” without any modifications :slight_smile:

First, you connected SPEED- to a Ground?
If you read with a multimeter voltage should be around 5-7v while moving, near 0 or 12v while standstill.

The board have 2 resistors (R60 and R66) for a total of 320 ohm on this line.
ISO is only 100 ohm (stronger pull down).
But this should not cause an issue.

If you think this is the issue you can:
1-The thc R65 can be used to put something around 100-200 ohm in parallel to make the pull down stronger.
2-Or solder R66 to make it sort, then you will have 120 ohm (R60)

Yes Speed- to ground. I used a 2.2kohm as pullup to the 12V.
I don’t have more possibilities to test before we’re done harvesting (lack of time :stuck_out_tongue: )
When king winter kicks in, I will spend some time to upgrade the system. And by then it would be great if this small fix could be done on the AIO board, :slight_smile:

I ended up using the system with a fixed speed. not ideal, but it’s working