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Hi I setup my tractor with a steering motor because that was the easiest at the time. Now I would like to upgrade my Genius (8770 supersteer) to a hydraulic valve. What are some suggestions for valves with model numbers. Much of the links that I find on this forum are back to the old discourse and are broken. Would also need guidance on pressure sensors etc. I see mention of HyrdaForce and DanFoss on here my boards have the Citron motor driver can I run the Danfoss on the cirtron?

Also some part numbers would be helpful to start getting some prices.

You can check at an Hydraforce SP08-58D, it’s rated 7.6L/min. This one will also need a double look valve on top.

I have an Hydraforce SP10-58D installed but I think it’s a little big for the small corrections needed when going strait.

You can check for CETOP valves, not widely available in north America but seem to be cheap in Europa. @baraki use these I think

A new model I was looking at: Walvoil SDX060 but still not available here.
there is also the Walvoil DPC130. Both available with 10L/min spool

High end valves: Danfoss PVG16 and PVG32

I will have to look for 2 valves this winter and think it will be something else than the Hydraforce SP10.

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Thanks for the reply @Pat

These links bring me to the correct “spool” (not sure of terminology) for the valve what about the valve block? Is that separate and I need to give them a schematic for that?

Also with the Hydraforce what do you use for load sensing?

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It can be pretty tricky to install additional valve on a complex system.

Most high end tractors like your Genesis have a variable displacement piston pump (closed centre load sensing) with priority for the steering system.

If you have 5 hoses on the orbitrol you should be ok just tee in left, right, tank and pressure and a shuttle valve for LS.
In this case for an Hydrafore valve you would only need this kind of body.
Probably no need for relief valve and pressure compensation on pressure line.

But this can only be confirmed by looking at the schematics.

It’s the port 1, you just connect in the orbitrol LS line with a shuttle valve.

Maybe others have different points of view!

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If you go for Danfoss, you need PVG16 valve group with an external PVFC valve in the LS side. I would go for the PVEA-CI CAN-bus actuator in Danfoss setup, no need for analogue driver boards, needs of course bit of tinkering compared to a standard PVEA-S/H/A setup that’s supported out of the box by AOG.

If / when I build the next hydraulic system, I’ll put in directly the Danfoss EHi steering valve group, price difference is around 200 eur caompred to PVG and you get everything in one package, as added bonus also the steering cut-off valve.


Thanks for your input. I don’t have the CAN bus boards. So I would probably start with the analogue actuator for now. Trying to find their letter or part number for that actuator.

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Wow that does look like a compact solution! Blows my mind how to “talk” to it.

If it is CAN bus do you send it a HEX # that tells it which way to open, how far and how fast?


Basically yes, one J1939 message that has direction and flow amount.

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Hi Pat I can’t believe how hard it is to find a valve! One guy I’m talking to wants a complete part number for the hydraforce. Do your have the full part number? I’m thinking SP08-D-6T-N-12-DL and 7025860 for the block based off the pic below. Does that look right?

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SP08-58D is not good unless you have counter balance because A,B,LS,T are joined in centre.

You need like SP10-58C A,B blocked and LS,T joined

Is the SP10 to high flow volume?

EDIT what is a counter balance?

The guy where I ordered put it separated, spool, body, coils

So the spool would be:

Then one bloc (7025860), 2 selenoids (maybe 4305112 or 4308712, different wire length) and maybe a E spacer.

For complete kit: in my case I have Ecoils

Note that you will have to add a double lock valve and, depending of your circuit, a relief valve and/or a pressure compensator if there are other functions than steering on your circuit

My setup: Hydraforce SPxx-58D

An other tread about hydraulic valves;

In my case SP10 works good but I think SP08 would be fast enough for U-turn and would be a little smoother for ABlines.
But I have a 5T 115 hp tractor, maybe SP10 is great for bigger tractors like Genesis, In this case SP10-58C would be the best choice.

SPxx-58D: counter balance or double check valve works.

Here is 2 options I have been given.


Would either of these work?


Could 4 and 2 be used for LS and T. I’m learning here but to me it looks like LS would have to be 1 and T would have to be 1 and 3 in this case?

2 & 4 must be your wheels, 5 pressure, 1 LS, 3 tank.

F needs extra valve to stop wheels from moving in centre, you have better control if you use this type with counter balance valve.

E needs one less valve but both E & F really need 1 LS to 3 tank when in centre.

Have you looked into other valve types?, maybe this Hydraforce is not your best option where are you from? Is your current steering system open or closed centre (LS or Not?)

Ok I finally received my Hydra force valve SP08-58C-6T-N-12-EL. In an earlier post it was mentioned that I needed this and a shuttle valve is that correct? If so could someone give me a bit of a sketch schematic to get me started?

Edit: reading through this again. Is it just the 58D that requires and additional valve?

Yes the 58D need an additional valve because it put A and B to tank in neutral.
The 58C don’t need additional valve other than for safety(optional).

Ok as mentioned earlier I got the valve. Warm weather is here and I now need a diagram earlier I thought there was some on this forum but I can’t find any right now. Would someone have some advice for the below diagram?
-Do I also just Tee the P and T lines?
-And what about the case drain on the orbital?
-Also the where does the pressure sensor go for the steering cutout?

Yes simply Tee P and 5,T and 3,A and 2 and B with 4. Both LS are connected with a shuttle valve, to read the higher pressure.
Pressure transducer on the LS near the orbitrol.

Sorry the other reply must’ve gone to your email. I’ll ask it here so others can benefit.
Does #1 get
-Tee’d with LS?