Yield monitoring

You can tell its cold and nothing is happening farming wise in the UK (for me anyway)… I’ve got loads of time to play with AOG and post on this forum…

Seeing as you can change the colour of the measured area on AOG. Would it be possible to send information from a sensor ie combine yield monitor to AOG. AOG would then parse the data and change the colour of the area on screen to represent the data.

Ie: Yield monitor sends 10 then 15 then 1 then 20.

AOG stores this data and creates a colour map anything 1 gets Red, 20 gets Green anything in between gets a scaled colour between red and green.

The data could be appended to the module PGN.

One issue I see is AOG having to re-colour displayed segments if a new low or high value is presented - how difficult would that be? To keep load off AOG, the sending sensor could send data out on a range between 1 & 20 and it would be its job to work out the correct values… Ie with yield monitor knowing already what a low yield and high yield value would be.

I don’t mind having a go my self but not sure where to start in AOG in relation to where colour is selected and where PGN data is read.

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It has been talked here(more the data collection, not the mapping):

It could be used for all kind of data like yield, planter population or down pressure, fertilizer rate.
If AOG could just collect the data and export in .klm file you could play with the map color in other programs if it’s not easily possible in AOG.

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I am interested in creating a Yield Monitor, but can someone provide a shape file and all the necessary files from the yield monitor? I have a rough idea of how to make a file, but I want to make it compatible with other applications.

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With @KentStuff we discuss about this last june
but i sleep to much

i keep an interest to catch some data from board and have simple caculation to show data according some coeficiant like the speed and for me have some range of color taht we can adopt to paint the map

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I have some AG leader files. Not sure if they can be ready by outside program. I will try to find a shp file and send it.

I sendt you 6 files from the yieldmontor in my combine.

This is some challenges we have to solve:

  • Where to mount the sensor? My system using a optical sensor in the clean grain elevator
  • When added in ex the clean grain elevator, you will have some delay from when the cutting head get the grain from the sensor will measure the volume (8 sec on my combine)
  • Its not a clear stop on grain, it will flow for maybe an additional 5 sec
  • A lot of registration in the headlands
  • How compansate for difference in moisture since wet grain is larger in volume than dry grain

There are a lot of questions about how to build the whole system. There is a cheaper option and an expensive one.

The cheaper option is the impact sensor on top of the clean grain elevator, and a moisture sensor in the grain tank. I know this will not be 100% accurate but It can give a general view of the yield.

The expensive option is to use a moisture sensor in the grain elevator, I found some sensors mounted in the grain elevator. Those sensors are expensive, I mean the ones that I found. If someone has an idea of how to build or find some inexpensive moisture sensors that can get the data fast and pretty accurate, feel free to write your ideas.

I’ve been told getting accurate grain moisture reading is difficult. I believe temperature, resistance, and capacitance are used to obtain moisture. To compound things more, the broad range of moisture throughout season. Maybe just get the data logging and color part figured out for now. Could always manually put moisture in monitor just to get past that hurdle for now. Sometimes our moisture sensor is way off and we manually enter moisture anyways. Might b better of spending money on moisture sensor later. Jm2c

I agree with you.

I just thought of putting a conductive moisture sensor in the grain tank to get a rough idea of grain moisture.

I ordered some parts and plan to make Yield monitoring ready for harvest this year.

I will create a git repository and will post there updates. If someone has some ideas or wants to help feel free to contact me.

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I believe the esp32 has a capacitive touch pin which can measure capacitance. Might be able to use it to get a capacitance reading.