AOG Autosteer Dual GPS PCB

What is the exact sensor you have?

How have you connected it? What Teensy pin is it connected to?

Have you checked the signal wire with a multimeter?

Remember the Teensy can’t have anything over 3.3volts


I would like to ask for help.
I would like to order the panel from jlcpcb.
Unfortunately, the following items are not available, can you suggest alternatives?

  • C24205
  • C206183
  • C387820
  • C401847
  • C454188
  • C899072

Thank you for your help!

I searched out some of them.
899072 is a 4N35 optocoupler in 6 pin DIP form
401847 is 1000uF Capacitor. Use the through hole for the original V2 board
24205 You can use a 2N2222A transistor. through hole
If you want to wait a few days, we are making some corrections to the boards, and by waiting, some of these components may become available. I waited a week on my last order and all but 2 components became available, of which I had in my stock pile.

I just noticed what thread we are on.
This board is going to be obsolete. Be sure to use the latest all in one, which by the part numbers, I see you are

I am not completely sure what kind of sensor it is as it is very hard to see or get to. It is on a Eaton Vickers valve and has 3 pins. I have the signal pin going to A0 and am supplying it 12 volts.

Most are +5v and gnd and signal

Thank you very much for your help!
I’ll wait for the fix.